DoxBot is Dead

Back in July 2021, DoxBot hit 75 servers. That is a huge milestone for a bot, when you reach this milestone, you have to put in an application to Discord to get the bot verified. If Discord approves the application, the bot gets a little check mark next to it's name, and it is able to join over 100 servers. If Discord denys the verification, then your bot is limited to joining 100 servers. Well, Discord denied the application on grounds of "Inorganic Growth" basically meaning that I (dickey#6969) was in too many servers with the bot, making it look like I was spoofing the server count. That sucked. We had 2 options, make a new bot and copy over the existing code and get it back up to 75 servers and try verification again, or end the bot. We went with the first option. In January 2022, New DoxBot was born. It was the same exact code just a new bot. In April 2022, the new bot reached 75 servers, so we carefully crafted the application, making sure the only server I was in with the bot was the support server. I sent in the application thinking there was no way it would get denied. We had some conversations with Discord's team and it was looking good. Then on April 16, 2022, they denied the bot again. They stated it had something to do with Discord's user saftey agreement. We read through the agreement and the only thing that we found that may have broken the agreement was the Dox command (aka the main purpose of the bot). That was bad. At this point we decided to stop development on DoxBot and move on. I will always be grateful for DoxBot, before I started working on it, I had never written a single line of code, now I'm pursing a career in Computer Science as a Software Engineer. DoxBot showed me my life's passion. Obviously I am not done coding. I have many projects not only on Discord. We made a "replacement" for DoxBot, called Seeds. Thank you all for choosing DoxBot. I love you.

- dickey#6969